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Total Share Value: INR 20 Crore

At Approx Innovation Private Limited, we are proud to have reached a significant milestone with a total share value of INR 20 Crore. Our success is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and vision that drives our company forward.

Exploring New Partnerships

As part of our strategic growth plan, we are open to welcoming strategic partners who align with our values and share our vision for the future. With an aim to foster collaboration and expand our horizons, we are considering the dilution of a maximum of 5% of our shares to potential investors.

Join Us in Our Journey

If you are an investor, venture capitalist, or individual looking to join forces with a dynamic and forward-thinking company, we invite you to connect with us. By becoming a part of Approx Innovation Private Limited, you’ll not only invest in a promising venture but also contribute to our continued growth and success.

Get in Touch

For more information on our current shareholding structure, investment opportunities, or to express your interest in partnering with us, please contact our team. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with like-minded individuals or entities who can add value to our journey.

Thank you for considering Approx Innovation Private Limited as a potential investment opportunity. Let’s work together to create a prosperous future.


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Investors Funding

check out our investors funding for help you to invest our company.

Director's Invesment 58%
Debt 42%

At Approx Innovation Private Limited , we take pride in our commitment to organic growth and responsible financial management. As a company dedicated to [mention your industry or field], we understand the significance of strategic investment in propelling our business forward.

Our Financial Approach

Unlike some companies that rely heavily on external investors or seed money, we have taken a different approach to funding our growth. Our Director has been a key catalyst in driving the company’s expansion by utilizing personal resources and carefully leveraging debt to fund strategic initiatives.

Director’s Personal Investment

We recognize the vital role our Director plays in our success. Their significant personal investments have been instrumental in enabling us to explore new opportunities, expand our operations, and innovate within our industry. This commitment underscores their belief in our vision and confidence in the potential of our business.

Strategic Debt Utilization

In addition to personal investments, we’ve strategically utilized debt instruments to support specific projects aligned with our long-term goals. Each decision regarding debt has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure it contributes to our growth trajectory without compromising our financial stability.

Our Vision for Growth

While we haven’t actively sought external investors or seed funding thus far, we remain open to exploring strategic partnerships or investment opportunities that align with our values and long-term objectives. Our focus remains on delivering exceptional value to our customers, fostering innovation, and securing sustainable growth avenues.

At Approx Innovation Private Limited, we believe in transparency and accountability. Should you have any inquiries about our financial strategy or wish to understand more about our approach, please feel free to reach out. We value open communication and are eager to share insights about our journey and future plans.

Thank you for your interest in Approx Innovation Private Limited. Join us as we continue our journey toward sustainable growth and excellence.

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